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Peter Vidmar - Speaker, Champion, Author
I was at the home of Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist, a few weeks past for a dinner party. I had never met Peter before but I remember 1984 when he earned a “perfect 10” on the pommel horse at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and led the US team to its first gold medal and unexpected upset of the Chinese team. I was a junior at the University of Utah but headed for L.A. to work as a security officer at the Olympics. For me it was a memorable experience to be around the games, for Peter, it was the pinnacle of his gymnastics career and provided the platform for his professional career.
Peter and I were talking about leadership and the motivational and inspirational speaking engagements he provides to corporate meetings and trade shows. Peter was kind enough to let me take his book, Risk, Originality & Virtuosity: The Keys to a Perfect 10.

Risk, originality and virtuosity were the elements and basis for scoring in gymnastics in 1984. Vidmar has taken these elements and applied them as important ingredients for success in any endeavor. He shares his athletic and life experiences and uses the elements of ROV as measurements of achievement and has trademarked this concept.
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Peter Vidmar Archives



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