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More on Media Disruption
It amazes me that a CEO (not to mention a knight) such as Sir Martin Sorrell can acknowledge a pending crisis (even half-heartedly) but then take no stand, make no comittment, chart no course or otherwise convince anyone that he is even willing to try and understand the crisis or face it.  Then again, perhaps Sorrell spent time as an intern for Michael Brown at FEMA.

Protecting job security, defending turf, ensconcing intellectual property - he has it all   If he loses his job at WPP he may want to think about working for a record company.

By the way, you should check out Joseph Jaffe's view on

"WPP's Chief of Chiefs, Sir Martin Sorrell"

and his excellent analyisis of Sorrell's weak attempt to show some inkling of knowledge on how media is changing.

Jaffe is author of "Life After the 30-Second Spot," a book about how today's brightest marketers are using new tactics to engage consumers and new avenues to take the place of TV, radio, and print.

Martin Sorrell Archives



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