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Apprentice or Apprenti?
Apprentice or Apprenti? That is the question.

This morning the hottest topic around the water cooler seems to be the season finale last night of the Apprentice.  And here I stand, with nothing. I missed the show. Apparently, it was fireworks and the two final contestants met their maker (so to speak) and the Donald threw a curve ball.

Randal, clearly qualified to be named the Apprentice, was asked by Trump if he would hire theapprentice.jpg super-talented 23 year-old Rebecca. Apparently, Randal wasted no time in responding in the negative. And thus the debate began.  Was Randal greedy and selfish or playing by the rules of business that got him to where he was.

From my unscientific poll of unqualified geniuses, Randal left many disappointed in his decision.

I have to ask, what would you do? Not what should Randal have done, but what would you have done? If you felt you had earned the prize, would you be willing to share it? Was Randal justified? By what rules should he make the decision?  By what rules do we judge him? Business standards? Social etiquette? Moral and ethical philosophy? Are these different?

Apprenti? Archives



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