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Feb 8
The Economic Stimulus Package Will Make Some Americans Very Happy
The one quality that I noticed that stood to above all others was President Bush's charismatic ability to bring both parties together. He was able to convince both sides to agree on something that would benefit the economy and the entire nation by stimulating the economy in various ways.
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Nov 9
You've Got To Know When To Hold Them and When To Fold Them
Just as in a game of poker, the player must be careful not to show emotion or excitement lest he give away his intentions, so should a leader be when dealing with sticky, controversial subjects. Such is the case with... Continue Reading
Remember September 11
Perhaps as much as any other occasion or event, leaders are often proven in times of crisis.Today we honor and remember great men and women that provided leadership in the most trying moment of our nation's recent history.We also honor... Continue Reading
American Idols and Bush
I’ll admit I am one of the few Americans that is not addicted to American Idol. But I don’t have anything against it either. However, I am surprised that in a week of death, carnage and conflict, President Bush allowed his... Continue Reading
Joe Lieberman Takes a Stand
PR legend Harold Burson  wrote: "The problem for society is whether leadership can survive under conditions that are influencing, perhaps even forcing our leaders to respond to measurable public demand. Would it have been possible for President Roosevelt to support... Continue Reading
Time Magazine’s 2006 List of Leaders
Time Magazine published its 2006 list of the most influential people. While there were leaders in perhaps all five categories, I was most interested in the categories of “Leaders & Revolutionaries” but also found leaders and examples in leadership in the... Continue Reading

Harry Taylor Wins One for Democracy But Not Necessarily Democrats
Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a Leadership Pioneer
Coretta Scott King First Lady of Civil Rights
Bono Leads at the National Prayer Breakfast.
Collective Drucker
The Most Powerful Economic Leader in the World
WWII Provides Inspiration for Katrina Victim Relief
Stand and Deliver
Leadership Crisis in Hurricane Katrina??s Wake

President George Bush Archives


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