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Top Careers In Leadership
It's often believed that leaders are automatically business owners or entrepreneurs. Not so. Leaders can be found in almost any industry. and not always as executives. Besides the upper management level of leaders, you can find leaders acting as the middle...
Dress for Success
This previous post by Hal got me thinking about Leaders and their appearance. It's important for Leaders to project an immaculate appearance.What do you think - - how should leaders' appearance be?... Continue Reading
Feb 4
Born or Made?
Are leaders born or made? That's one of the age-old questions that has had leaders pondering for years. If a leader is born, the thinking is that everything he or she does will be right and excellent. If a leader... Continue Reading
Jan 2
Toastmasters International Show Effective Leadership Requires Effective and Focused Listening Skills With The Golden Gavel Recipient Award
This year's Golden Gavel Recipient, Barbara DeAngelis, won the coveted award on being able to effectively teach people the benefits of personal transformation by listening to others and listening and focusing on themselves.


Continue Reading
Dec 4
Neighborhood Leaders
Do you live in one of those communities where no one mows their lawn until you do? What about painting their homes...have you seen anyone have theirs painted recently after having just had yours done? And let's not forget about this... Continue Reading
Dec 3
Future Leaders Are in Some of the Best High Schools in the Country
GPA's and character traits can be found in our future high school leaders. Continue Reading

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Martin Luther King's Leadership
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Be Surprised
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