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Are My Employees Online?
Tips on how to curb the temptation for employees shoppin gon Cyber Monday.
Should I Throw in the Towel?
For the past several months, we've been looking at 12 simple (but not simplistic) principles every manager needs to know.  We're finally at the end of this particular journey. This final principle might be for more people than you think.... Continue Reading
Look on the Inside, Not the Outside (Revisited)
Look on the inside, not the outside.   I know we’ve covered this in many postings before, but I just read an interesting article by Amy Joyce entitled Fashion Leads By A Nose in The Washington Post this morning which... Continue Reading
Timeless Principle #8: Are You Sensitive Enough?
We’re more than halfway through our simple (but not simplistic) principles every managers needs to know. As a review, let’s review the first seven principles: 1. Quit focusing on the outward appearance and concentrate on what’s on the inside.  ... Continue Reading
Trust and Teamwork in Leadership
I found myself at the back of a pack of cyclists the other day. I had not ridden in several months and joined a friend and his group of riders in an effort to get from behind the din of a... Continue Reading
Six Reflective Questions to Leaders Who Coach
When I interviewed Dr. Sam Walton he spoke of reflection as the heart of leadership… and then again this week, Heather Harris put reflection at the hub. Since reflection is the fifth entry point to MITA Brain Based Leadership…... Continue Reading

Six Reflective Questions to Leaders Who Coach
Six Reflective Questions to Leaders Who Coach
Of the Things We Think, Say or Do
Following Values
Doing the Right Thing
Collective Drucker
Think to Thank
Be Surprised
People have the Power
Leading by Doing

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