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Should I Throw in the Towel?
For the past several months, we've been looking at 12 simple (but not simplistic) principles every manager needs to know.  We're finally at the end of this particular journey. This final principle might be for more people than you think....
Jun 3
Isolation is Not a Strategy
A few weeks ago, I was doing some work near Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp Resort in Ashland, New Hampshire. On my way back to the airport in Manchester, my friend and colleague Cheryl Smith who manages the resort took... Continue Reading
Timeless Principle #7: Are You A Screamer?
We’re more than halfway through our simple (but not simplistic) principles every managers needs to know. Let’s review the first six principles:  1. Quit focusing on the outward appearance and concentrate on what’s on the inside. 2. Be a... Continue Reading
Leading Teams
How does teamwork affect the success of an organization? What should a leader know about the dynamics of teams and how they function? The Center for Creative Leadership recently published the results of a survey on teams. The report, The State... Continue Reading
Trust and Teamwork in Leadership
I found myself at the back of a pack of cyclists the other day. I had not ridden in several months and joined a friend and his group of riders in an effort to get from behind the din of a... Continue Reading
Aug 7
Lead by Following
Things don’t always go as you plan. Two weeks ago I was hiking in Zion’s National Park in Southern Utah. I planned a trip to back-pack the 16.5 miles of the West Rim Trail over two days. It was an opportunity to... Continue Reading

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