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The Mitchell Report Spotlights a lack of Leadership
With the release of the “Mitchell Report,” the world got a glimpse of the ugly truth that Major Baseball and its high-priced talent is rife with performance-enhancing drug use. While the revelation that players are using performance-enhancing drugs is...
Is Don Imus A Fascinating Character?
 Controversial, I give him, but Don Imus being hailed as one of the Most Fascinating People Of 2007 by Barbara Walter's and NBC, I think not. While I also realize that advertisers want viewers and ratings, don't you think adding... Continue Reading
Should I Throw in the Towel?
For the past several months, we've been looking at 12 simple (but not simplistic) principles every manager needs to know.  We're finally at the end of this particular journey. This final principle might be for more people than you think.... Continue Reading
Why the World Doesn't Need Don Imus (or his contemporaries)
This week we've all seen the backlash against talk show host Don Imus's regarding his comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Late this week, Imus's show was removed from CNBC and a day later he was fired from... Continue Reading
Apr 2
Timeless Principle #11 – I'm Not Weird, I'm Just Not You!
We're almost through all the Simple (but not simplistic) Principles Every Manager Needs to Know.  Thanks for hanging with me on this journey!  Principle #11 is simple: I'm Not You! We covered this back in Principle #1. If you believe that... Continue Reading
Flip That Person
Recently, I became hooked on the weekly TV show Flip That House.  For those of you who haven't seen it, the show highlights house "flippers."  These brave souls purchase homes dirt-cheap from auctions, go inside and renovate them, then... Continue Reading

Look on the Inside, Not the Outside (Revisited)
Who is the REAL Celebrity?
Timeless Principle #8: Are You Sensitive Enough?
Timeless Principle #7: Are You A Screamer?
Goals, not Resolutions for 2007
Leadership Traits Include Empathy and Integrity
Top Ten Leadership Skills
Are We Missing Mark Foley's Real Leadership Story?
Run from Leaders Without Heads!
Joe Lieberman Takes a Stand
Kenneth Lay of Enron Dies
Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko is NBA’s Good Guy
Business As Usual Fails for Lay and Skilling
Leadership Traits Are a Quotient
Friends That Inspire
Clippers are Led through Playoffs
Corporate Leadership Turnover
Leadership from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
Karl Malone Receives and Gives
Stockton to Malone
Basketball, Leadership & Character - Like Father, Like Son
Peter Vidmar - Speaker, Champion, Author
Glory Road Story is Glorious
Worst Examples of Leadership in 2005
More on the Apprentice
Apprentice or Apprenti?
Assessing Leaders
Women Leaders Offer Insight ...part two

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