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Feb 7
Should Leaders Mingle With The "Common" Folk?
I was very surprised to see it today. Really, I was. I was in a restaurant having lunch with a friend, and in walks a very well-known, well-respected business leader in our community. He was obviously there for lunch, as...
Feb 6
Leaders, People Are Watching You
People who are in leadership and high profile positions should always be mindful that they are always being watched. Always.  People watch leaders for a variety of reasons:  They want to mimic their behaviorThey want to do the opposite of... Continue Reading
Barak Obama and Charismatic Leadership
I think Barak Obama has a very engaging style, very eloquent, articulate and able to answer a direct question.Barak appeals to the masses, addresses the issues and has promises that get our attention.But is Barak qualified to be a leader?All... Continue Reading
How Do You Define Leadership?
 There are volumes and volumes of books on Leadership. Topics on leadership are endless such as How To Become A Great Leader, What Attributes Leaders Have, How Leaders Motivate Others and the list goes on and on.But, if you're reading... Continue Reading
Charismatic Leadership
One of the premises of successful leadership is the ability to successfully guide others, using knowledge, information and resources. One other key component that is used is charisma and there are those who use it quite well. Politicians use it,... Continue Reading
Quiet Leadership
Quiet Leaders can show effects of this trait on others. Continue Reading

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Dress Like A Leader

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