Hurricane Katrina Archives

Saints Win Over Falcons Resuscitates New Orleans
I think leadership includes inspiring yourself and others to perform at a higher level.  Last night in New Orleans, I saw that as the New Orleans Saints dominated the favored Atlanta Falcons in a memorable game.Since Hurricane Katrina hit a...
Aug 1
Chartreuse Discovering Katrina
There is some good stuff going around the web today. I offer my support and encouragement to Chartreuse, an independent blogger that has thrown out an innovative idea that captures the power of new media and citizen journalism. I often... Continue Reading
Nagin's Chance to Deliver in New Orleans
In New Orleans (and from around the country), the people have spoken and Ray Nagin is the re-elected Mayor of the ravaged Louisiana city. I am surprised that the stranded people of New Orleans who lived through the horror of... Continue Reading
Leadership Defines New Orleans Mayoral Race
The effects of Hurricane Katrina may be felt by New Orleans for years to come. Much has been done to put the devastation in the past. However, the mayoral election of New Orleans has dredged up the memory of Katrina. As New Orleans’... Continue Reading
May 4
Grants from Laura Bush Foundation Leads Families Back to Gulf
Laura Bush visited the Gulf yesterday to announce grants totaling $500,000 to rebuild and stock libraries in the areas devastated by hurricanes of 2005. Bush is a former librarian and public school teacher and has selected seven public and private schools... Continue Reading
Plan, Prepare, Practice
Leadership is rarely successful by adhering to a set of strict rules. Leaders tend to be creative and flexible, capable of balancing many competing forces. This holds true for planning, preparing and practicing. There is no secret formula. Rather, what follows are concepts that require you to think, act and assess – and use your unique experience and expertise to lead. Continue Reading

Truth is Power
A Brown Deer in the Head Lights
Katrina Holds Leadership Training for Rita
Lead Today, Survive Tomorrow
WWII Provides Inspiration for Katrina Victim Relief
Stand and Deliver
Leadership Crisis in Hurricane Katrina??s Wake

Hurricane Katrina Archives


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