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When Leaders Incude a Spot for Brains to Operate
Research increasingly shows how to enhance a workplace by including brain based opportunities to learn and accomplish more. Experts such as Marian Diamonds, at the University of California at Berkeley discovered that enriched environments influence the brains of rats positively,...
Dec 6
Leadership is Measured by Followership
I think that one measure of leadership is not the success of the leader but the success of those that were led.  One of the highlights of my career has been to rub shoulders and work alongside not only... Continue Reading
Ridiculous Business Solution - From Amish Leaders to the Rest of Us
Last week, Amish leaders brought us all to our knees with sorrow … when gut-wrenching violence struck their strong, peaceful community. We mourn with them… we see who they are to any community … and we want to know... Continue Reading
Oct 5
Are We Missing Mark Foley's Real Leadership Story?
We know … or are quite certain that … Congressman  Mark Foley …1. was raped by a man who said he represented the gospel – and then sexually abused others …2. claimed to represent American voters - and then sexually... Continue Reading
Gratitude is the Lubrication of Leadership
I found Dr. Ellen Weber’s post “A Time to Thanks” quite thought provoking. I had been thinking about this same topic and the importance that gratitude should play in all aspects of my life – business, family, community and everyday interactions.... Continue Reading
Lead Past Traditions - With the Brain in Mind
   I’ve been thinking lately about people who lead us beyond traditions… while respecting traditionalists whose wisdom can help us to inhabit new landscapes. My curiosity about that comes from a desire to learn from the pros and a... Continue Reading

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