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Jan 9
Crisis Leadership Equals Bad Decisions
 Leading in a triage fashion will and can eventually cause even strong organizations to crumble under the weight of poor decisions. Anytime there is a decision made in haste without proper research and/or investigation, there will always inevitably be results...
Sep 9
Leaders, Bullies, and Free Speech at Work
What’s the link between leaders ... bullies ... and free speech, where you work? Imus got away with intimidation of vulnerable people he bullied … because leaders let it happen … at least until the public threatened action against their radio... Continue Reading
Remember September 11
Perhaps as much as any other occasion or event, leaders are often proven in times of crisis.Today we honor and remember great men and women that provided leadership in the most trying moment of our nation's recent history.We also honor... Continue Reading
Aug 2
Mel Gibson’s Passion and Penance
Now that people have stopped dying from heat, the buzz in my town, LA-LA Land, has been Mel Gibson. Gibson,  actor, producer, director and Oscar winner was arrested for DUI July 28th in Malibu. A Hollywood star in trouble? Hardly news. Unfortunately, Gibson took... Continue Reading
American Idols and Bush
I’ll admit I am one of the few Americans that is not addicted to American Idol. But I don’t have anything against it either. However, I am surprised that in a week of death, carnage and conflict, President Bush allowed his... Continue Reading
Nagin's Chance to Deliver in New Orleans
In New Orleans (and from around the country), the people have spoken and Ray Nagin is the re-elected Mayor of the ravaged Louisiana city. I am surprised that the stranded people of New Orleans who lived through the horror of... Continue Reading

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Crisis Leadership Archives


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