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Jun 4
Does Toastmaster's Grow Leaders?

The basics of being an effective leader involve knowing when to implement ideas that are going to yield the maximum resultpodium.jpgs. Leaders have an instinct, sort of from the gut, to try new, different and non-traditional things. Even if they are wrong, they take satisfaction in knowing that because they put forth the effort to try, results are highly likely to be favorable.


Being a Toastmaster has enabled many would-be leaders to recognize their potential as such and pursue it with vigor and passion. There are systems that Toastmaster’s has placed within its program that are designed to encourage leaders to discover their potential. Every week during club meetings, the members are invited to tap into their leader side by taking roles that will help them cultivate their leadership skills.


Although Toastmaster’s has been useful for some, most people do not agree with its precept. Many people think you can’t “learn” leadership, you have to “do” leadership.

 What do you think about the Toastmaster's organization? Can an organization like Toastmaster’s really help develop leaders?



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