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Kobe Bryant As A Mentu And A Leader

This YouTube video gives a glimpse into the next project by the famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant. It seems that Mr. Bryant has been working on a mentoring program of sorts for some kids in China and is helping get their game up to par. Kobe is a phenomenal ball player, but is he more of a role model than a leader?

While watching the video, you will notice that Kobe (and what appears to be his assistant coach) keep referring to "not making Kobe look bad" because "his name is on these jersey's", so on and so forth. They make it abundantly clear that the kids will be cut from this mentoring program if they do anything that will detract from the Kobe Bryant image.

So, is Kobe more interested in growing sports leaders and team players or in developing more of his fan base who will chant Ko-be, Ko-be when he and his new posse take the court?

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Kobe bryant and his career, from draft day to 1st seed in 2008 western conference, from dynasty to trade demands, and finally the 2008 MVP. I think he is really awesome! And once a book 'Mad Game' I read about this great leader seems to bring all those Elements&More out about him: http://dealstudio.com/searchdeals.php?deal_id=104002&ru=279 , Kobe was going through a lot of growing pains, a lot of failures, crticisms, bad chemistry with teammates. But I still think he is such a great leader!!!

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