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Black People Should Listen Closely To Barak Obama
Some people in the Black community are so excited to have a Black candidate representing them for a spot in the White House, that they've lost all sight of what's really going on. I was eating breakfast this morning, listening to the news, and heard the newscaster go into a spiel about how Barak Obama was pro-choice, blah, blah, blah…

I put my fork down.

Now although this doesn’t apply to everyone in the African-American community, the majority of Black people are Christians, or at least anti-murdering or pro-lifer’s. I think that the Black community is oblivious to or at least doesn’t care what Obama’s views are concerning abortion and pro-choice.


Out of all the preacher’s who support Barak on Sunday mornings, not one has (to my knowledge, including my own) bothered to mention Barak’s politics concerning killing babies. None of them has talked about his views on live abortion and how he “avoids” the issue of terminating pregnancies.


I’m not trying to make this a racial issue, but I want the Black community to take note of the politician’s stand on a controversial subject. Is America really ready, especially those who are firm, dedicated Christians, to compromise their views and beliefs all for the sake of having the “first Black president?” Is it really worth it? Will the Black community close their eyes, stick their heads in the sand and pretend he didn’t say it or that it’s not going to happen?


Barak believes what he believes. So do you. Now how far are you willing to go with that?



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Bridget, thanks for writing this. I wish we all would vote based on who we think would do a better job, period.

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Wow. Congratulations. I just removed your feed from my reader. You are an idiot. No one is sacrificing what they believe just to have the first black president. Did it occur to you that some people believe in the right to have a say over whether or not they bring a child into this already over populated world, full of unwanted babies? No, probably not. Because you are racist and a total moron. What do you know about leadership? Your blog is a waste of space. Bye bye.

Thank you, Easton, for your comment. I too wish that people would make a choice based on whomever would make a better presidential leader and not get caught up in the rhetoric of it all.

To the reader who thinks I'm an idiot: Thank you! I appreciate your opinion as I'm sure you appreciate mine for what it is - my opinion. I'm sad to see you leave, but I stand by what I believe. If people are so excited to have the (potential) first Black president that they are willing to sacrifice their beliefs for this, then I would say that they are in fact the ones who need to reconsider what they believe in and the choice that they are making. Do I know everything about leadership? Of course not but I am willing to make myself available to learn and to be taught. However, I don't see what it is that I do or do not know about leadership has to do with the political agenda of Barak Obama.

I'm not sure what the debate about pro-choice or pro-life has to do with being Black. Are you saying that Black Christians should not support Obama because he is pro-choice?

Sure there are plenty of Christians who may agree with you but there are also plenty who wouldn't. As a Christian myself, I would not advocate abortion in any way, but I don't want to take away anyone's ability to choose - which is what makes me pro-choice (that does not = pro-abortion). If Christians (Black, White, Asian, whatever) support Obama for being pro-choice, so be it - that really shouldn't be a race issue. Nor do I think being pro-choice makes people less Christian.

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