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Is It Barak Obama or Oprah Wynfrey That You Support?

The other day I wrote a rather "exciting" post that got a reader pretty, well, excited. All I talked about was Barak Obama's and his questionable views on live abortion and pro-choice. I also talked about whether or not the Black community endorses him as a candidate simply because he is Black, and not because he is qualified. I stand by my opinion, but I would like to also offer another take on the subject.

This YouTube video of Oprah Wynfrey on Larry King Live shows Larry King interviewing Oprah and giving her full endorsement of the candidate. If you will listen closely as you watch the video, you will notice about a third through the video Oprah mentions that she likes "what he stands for" and "the things that he has to say are good." Well, what does that mean? What does he stand for? What are the things that he has to say that are good?

Oprah has an immense following and most people listen very closely to what she has to say. Therefore, if she supports Obama, then her followers would probably support him too. After all, if it's good enough for Oprah then why not try it?

The only point that I want to make here is to give people a reason to think for themselves. Do your homework on your own candidate of choice. Have allegiance to a candidate for more than the color of their skin. Find out what they stand for. Find out what they believe in and have a passion for. Listen to them, closely. Then after you feel comfortable enough with them representing you and what you believe in, go with that.

You have to live with it for the next four years.

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