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Tricia Walsh-Smith's Rant On YouTube: Doesn't Anyone Have Couth Anymore?

I thought I had seen it all. But until today when I saw the YouTube rant by Trisha Walsh-Smith, I realized that I still had a lot more to see in this life. As I watched the video with my eyes stretched in disbelief, I was distrathe%20smiths.jpgught to see that some people are just not interested in practicing good manners or being a little civil in dealing with unpleasant situations. What’s going on in the world?



Mrs. Smith’s husband doesn’t want her as his wife anymore. He didn’t give her a reason why (per Mrs. Smith), but wants her out of their luxury apartment and also wants to end the marriage (again, per Mrs. Smith). This type of thing happens every day with couples who decide that they no longer want to be married. But what doesn’t happen every day is when people go on YouTube and talk about the details and personal business of a marriage gone bad. Herein, is my problem.



Divorce is not new, nor is it pleasant. There are hurt feelings. There are things said. There are sometimes even things thrown. So why do people like Trisha think we want to hear about her husband’s condoms or his prescription for Viagra? I certainly don’t, so I can’t imagine what she thought she’d accomplish by doing this video.



With a staggering divorce statistic of 50%, a trend of going on YouTube to air dirty laundry certainly is not the answer. Practicing a little couth, perhaps a little discretion could actually work in a person’s favor when they go before a judge. Do you think people will consider this before they go off making YouTube videos?


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