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Leaders Are Givers Are Leaders

Most leaders are thought to automatically be givers; not always true. Although the idselfish.jpgea of it sounds admirable, leaders are not always givers. Phil Gerbyshak over at Slacker Manager wrote a very interesting article about Great Leaders Being Great Stewards. While I do somewhat agree with his point in theory, I tend to disagree in application. All leaders (or even the majority) are not givers. Some are just plain selfish.

Leaders sometimes want to lead for their own selfish gain. They want to be recognized for the great leadership they bring to their organizations. They want to be recognized by the media for their great contributions. They want the employees to revere them and be grateful for being allowed to work for their organizations. Think I sound a little bitter? No, I'm not. I've just seen my fair share of mediocre leaders and can spot a guise when I see one.

In order for leaders to really make an impact, they would do well to develop an unselfish attitude and show that they have genuine intentions.


Start by thinking of others before yourself.

Ask people how they are doing. And mean it.

Practice charity.

See the potential in others and work to develop it.

Work with and seek to develop those with great ideas. No, brilliant ideas too.

When leaders start to embrace other things and people that don't involve them first, they are likely assured to reap boundless benefits. Respect, admiration and loyalty are some of the rewards of being selfless.

If only they could think of something else other than themselves.



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