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Will Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama Part Company?

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is hurting Obama's campaign. Plain and simple. The over exuberant preacher has allowed his beliefs to discolor people's opinions of Obama's perceived beliefs, as opposite as they are. But then again, the Reverend's opinions are not so surprising given that the church community often will present views that are vastly different than the mainstream.

Ministers from the 1960s era preached against racial discord and shouted a call for unity. We have made many strides toward racial harmony, but I believe it is statements like the one made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright that can revert all of the efforts and hard work that we’ve made as a country. Sure we have a lot more work to do. Sure we have to continue to educate ourselves and work together to make a difference. However, when we simply spew unfounded, emotional and flaming remarks we do nothing but hurt ourselves.

Leaders have to be very careful that the words they speak are not only correct but do not incite erroneous emotions in those they lead. The church has been guilty of this for years. They tend to over-emote their followers and then do not feel as if they should take responsibility for their actions. Not so. We have to be mindful to carefully place things in context and also be mindful of the actions that our words will cause. When leaders speak in context and when they place their own thoughts and opinions out of the way of facts, people can then make better choices and decision for themselves. We have to be so very careful as leaders to not just spew what we feel, but rather speak what is truth.

Mixing politics and religion has long been taboo in and out of the church. I hope Rev. Wright and Obama can come to some amenable point where their views and differences can be placed aside for the greater good. However, if they do not, perhaps it is just as well. Any relationship, such as the politician and pastor that is controversial and devisive perhaps is not healthy for anyone. It will probably be best to part company anyway. This is probably why they say politics and religion DO NOT MIX!


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While I agree with much of what you say here about leaders being careful about what they say and the divisive nature fof Wright's remarks, when examined objectively some of them are actually true (the article linked has some references). Maybe even more frustrating is that there is so much focus on Wright (the Black preacher associated with the Black candidate) when McCain has also aligned himself with preachers who have made inflammatory remarks but those associations go ignored. The double standard here bothers me far more than what Wright actually said.

Here's a video of the Wright's speech in it's entirety. Looks to me like his words were taken out of context. This is why people need to be careful not to blindly accept the ideas and opinions served up by mass media. What was the motivation behind the incendiary remarks excerpted from Wright's sermon in 2001 being brought up? I believe it was to undermine Barak Obama's candidacy and his campaign of unity. It was only successful to those who are not willing to look deeper and formulate opinions of their own.

Bridget I really appreciate you addressing this issue. Your article made me think and that's always a good thing. :)

I do agree Kimberlee that his words may have been taken out of context. The media is notorious for doing that. But what I also believe is that Rev. Wright simply should not have emoted his audience in that fashion. He has a responsibility as a leader and especially as a church leader on religious things.

Key here: Religious leaders stick to saving people and not political commentary.

I guess we're in agreement that religious leaders should avoid political commentary. It's actually a stipulation in their 501(c) status...Here's an interesting article about that.

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