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Leaders Make Mistakes Too
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was in the news this week as having “misspoke” about an evhillary.jpgent that she attended where she and her daughter were in fear of sniper fire and had to run with their heads down to avoid it. The media had a field day with Senator Clinton by saying how she over-dramatized the situation and made it be really more than what it actually was. Senator Clinton responded by saying that she misspoke. She misspoke.



Leaders are held to a higher standard than most. Plain and simple. Fair, no one said it was, but a higher standard nonetheless. When I read the news article, I’m convinced that Mrs. Clinton did not simply misspeak but rather she inflated her story in order to get sympathy with her audiences. I mean after all, who doesn’t like entertainment and a good story? Although Senator Clinton’s version of the events was just what she said she could remember, she is still human. She still makes mistakes like the rest of us. Her memory still fails her as it does us from time to time.

When leaders inflate a story, (or flat out lie – whichever you want to call it) should they be excused and overlooked? Or should they be taken to the gallows and flagged for their behavior? What do you think about Senator Clinton’s “forgetfulness”? Should she be punished? Does she lose credibility?

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