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eBay May Finally Have Viable Competition With the New AuctionProperty.com website

Government-seized SUV’s, televisions and jewelry. I thought I was reading a Christmas wish list when I realized what it was. PropertyRoom.com is a new site where you can bid on merchandise that has been seized by policemen during raids and drug busts. You can find merchandise at incredible values and one-of-a-kind type of items. I couldn’t resist. I had to check it out.


As I perused the site, I noticed items for bid like fine jewelry, leather coats, snakeskin rugs and even pottery! All of these items that have been seized are all owned by the police department but are contracted through AuctionPropertyRoom.com to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Could this company be the new leader in trading 2nd hand goods for cash to the highest, hungry bidder? Are they going to oust the eBay domineering force that hikes fees on a whim and know they can because, well, they’re eBay? Is PropertyRoom.com the new eBay?


eBay [NASDAQ:EBAY] has been a corporate giant in its industry for many, many years. They have capitalized on a market that specializes in 2nd hand goods and are the middle man for the hungry fish that bid and outbid one another just to say “it’s mine.” However, the new PropertyRoom.com is the new kid on the block and eBay has to wonder just how far will they take this.


I say, hopefully, all the way.


The New York Times Article

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