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Leadership Quote of the Day

"It makes all the difference in the world whether we put truth in the first place, or in the second place."    John Morley

What do you value? If it's important to you to have facts and proven research, then the truth matters to you. If not, then your values along with your mission and objective become second importance in your organization. Treasure truth always and you will reap the benefits.

Leadership Quote of the Day
"One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears."   Dean RuskListening skills in leadership are very important. The only way to get someone else to do what you want them to do is to listen to them... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."   Mark TwainA leader doesn't feel "complete" until he has analyzed all of the steps, angles and points-of-view from his own perspective. He cannot place his stamp of approval on a thing... Continue Reading
Obama Is Going To Save Us...Or Will He?
 With a sagging economy, a sad housing market and stagflation on the rise, Obama’s promises of getting the country back on sound footing sounds more and more hopeful with each passing day. For a country of people who are desperate... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"When people don't want to come, nothing will stop them."   Sol HurokAs much as you'd like to, you cannot make people do something that they simply do not want to do. You can persuade and convince, but until THEY make... Continue Reading
Leaders Make Mistakes Too
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was in the news this week as having “misspoke” about an event that she attended where she and her daughter were in fear of sniper fire and had to run with their heads down to avoid it. Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Never cut what you can untie."   Joseph JoubertIt's not necessary to totally alienate those that do not align with your views and values. They can be of potential help in your future. Simply limit your exposure and practice civility.... Continue Reading
Leaders Sometimes Allow the Wrong Things Into Their Organizations
I was totally taken aback this past Sunday at church. My family and I traveled out of town to visit relatives and went to church with them as their special guest. I had only been here once before for the funeral... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them - and then you destroy yourself."    Richard NixonReciprocating hate doesn't do anything for the giver nor the receiver. However, if you do return the hate, you only destroy yourself. Learn... Continue Reading
Are You a Smart Leader?
Dr. Ellen Weber over at Brain Based Business listed these 50 Smart Skills for your business. These are characteristics and descriptions of skills sets that anyone in business should or would be expected to have to run a successful business.But,... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"A committee of one gets things done."   Joe RyanInstilling unity and oneness in your organization will yield phenomenal results. Teach and exemplify that everyone needs everyone else in order for things to make a difference.... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"If I try to be like him, who will be like me?"    Yiddish ProverbBe who you are and stay true to yourself. If you try to lead like someone else, you will make a mistake. If you aspire to have... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make clear."   Joseph JoubertBe succinct in your communications. Be sure that those you lead thoroughly understand what you're saying. Don't cloud your speech with unneccesary words or ideas. Not only does... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."    Chinese ProverbWhat we hear, that we tend to forget as well as what we see. But as leaders, when we do, we understand. That knowledge can... Continue Reading
Will Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama Part Company?
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is hurting Obama's campaign. Plain and simple. The over exuberant preacher has allowed his beliefs to discolor people's opinions of Obama's perceived beliefs, as opposite as they are. But then again, the Reverend's opinions are not so... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"A man does not know what he is saying until he know what he is not saying."  G.K. ChestertonWhat you say as a leader can gain instantaneous results. Make sure your words are powerful, penetrating and few. You will know... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"The thoughtless are rarely wordless."  Howard W. NewtonPeople who have nothing of value to say or contribute are never at a loss of words themselves. This is simply foolishness speaking, and when they open their mouths, foolishness spills out.... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"The limits of my language are the limits of my mind. All I know is what I have words for."      Ludwig WittgensteinAs a leader, being able to effectively articulate your intentions and desires is paramount to getting phenomenal results. Know... Continue Reading
Governor Eliot Spitzer: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required
Governor Eliot Spitzer: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"There is nothing that will kill a man so soon as having nobody to find fault with but himself."     George EliotLeaders tend to be unbearably hard on themselves, much more so than those around him. Lighten up. You're a leader,... Continue Reading
eBay May Finally Have Viable Competition With the New AuctionProperty.com website
Government-seized SUV’s, televisions and jewelry. I thought I was reading a Christmas wish list when I realized what it was. PropertyRoom.com is a new site where you can bid on merchandise that has been seized by policemen during raids and... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in few words."  EcclesiasticusThe most verbal impact you can make as a leader is to be of as few words as possible. People tend to tune you out if you ramble. Say what you... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."   Oscar WildeAnything that is worth knowing, worth discovering cannot be taught. It simply has to be experienced. As leaders, we should always strive to perfect our ability to lead by experiencing the... Continue Reading
Mar 7
The Rich Give It Away
“Make money and the whole world will conspire to call you a gentleman.”   Mark Twain  The release of Forbes List of the Top 10 World's Richest People of 2008 is a very interesting read. Two Americans top the list with... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
Fall seven times, stand up eight.    Japanese ProverbAs leaders, we all fail at some point or another. Instead of replaying the bad decision over and over again, simply get back up and give it another go. You never know how... Continue Reading
Mar 6
3 Things You Can Do Today That Will Position You For Successful Leadership
Being a successful and productive leader is the goal of people who are on a focused track to making things happen. Effective leadership is a mixture of several qualities and characteristics that you need in order to see results. Some of... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Control is not leadership; management is not leadership; leadership is leadership. If you seek to lead, invest at least 50% of your time in leading yourself—your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct. Invest at least 20% leading those with authority... Continue Reading
Mar 5
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix Recall - - Whose Fault Is It Really?
I make homemade pancakes for my family every Saturday morning. They enjoy the fruit filled warm pancakes with smiley faces and all of the delicious sides that go with them. This Saturday though, we may have to have a different... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Nobody knows what's in him until he tries to pull it out. If there's nothing, or very little, the shock can kill a man."   Ernest HemingwayWe sometimes are not able to really know our self worth until we try. We... Continue Reading
Mar 4
Brett Favre As A Leader For All Football Players
The way leaders can affect people comes in many different forms. People lead based on their experience. Some lead based on their skill level. Still others lead based on their ability to affect others. Brett Favre is one such leader.The... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"Do not choose to be wrong for the sake of being different."   Lord SamuelIf being a leader were easy, everyone would be doing it. If you want to be impactful and make a difference, take a stand for what is... Continue Reading
Mar 3
Leading in Times of Stagflation
Stagflation, a period of stagnation and the unforgiveable periods of inflation, can wreak havoc on any organization thriving and seeing a bottom line that's not the color black. Leaders who are trying to plough through these tough times can find... Continue Reading
Leadership Quote of the Day
"The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon."    AnonymousPeople are impressed with not what you know but what you do with what you know. As a leader, it's important... Continue Reading

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