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Tina Turner: A Definite Entertainment Iconic Leader

Tina Turner is definitely a leader in the entertainment business. At the age of tina%20turner.jpg68, she is still performing with a high-level of energy and enthusiasm, not to mention that she still has those killer legs.

Born November 26, 1939 as Anna Mae Bullock, the woman Tina Turner is still just as electrifying on stage now as she was as I remember her thirty years ago. Her performance at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards tonight prove that she is still fabulous and still a leader.

Having been on stage with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and others, this phenomenal woman of the stage has endured many hard times to become the iconic star that she is. She has never used her past as a crutch but rather has used it to catapult her to stardom that has brought her unrivaled fame in the United States and mostly in Europe where the bulk of her fans are.

What’s so unique about this woman is her unwavering commitment to become a universal performer. She struck out on her own even when the “Tina and Ike” duo was on shaky ground. She performed and even outperformed herself to the delight of crowds and the increase of ticket sales.

In a time when singers and entertainers come and go as frequently as albums are made, this superstar has proven her dedication and commitment to the craft. She has made a household name for herself such that you can refer to her as “Tina” and everyone will know just who you’re talking about.

Tina Turner. Performer extraordinaire.

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