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Feb 8
The Economic Stimulus Package Will Make Some Americans Very Happy


Middle-class Americans will be happy to see a $600-1200 tax rebate in their mailboxes, possibly as early as May 2008. The housing market, which has long been in a slump, will also experience elevated activity with lower and/or adjusted interest rates. There will also be tax-break incentives for new and existing businesses, encouraging businesses to invest in more equipment and products which will significantly boost the economy. Yesterday, Congress passed the $170 billion economic stimulus bill. The Senate passed it also and it now awaits approval from President Bush before it will be activated.


I've been watching President Bush's speeches and reactions to this economic stimulus package ever since it became an option or a discussion. I've been watching him to see what type of leadership qualities he will exhibit when he present(ed) it to the American people and when he present(ed) it to Congress. The reason I have been watching him has been to see what type of reasons he would offer to prove his point, what his leadership style would be and the words he would choose when he presented it. The one quality that I noticed that stood to above all others was President Bush's charismatic ability to bring both parties together. He was able to convince both sides to agree on something that would benefit the economy and the entire nation by stimulating the economy in various ways. Even though Presidents have a lot of power, there are times when their ideas can be vetoed by Congress without the benefit of a review or another appeal. This bi-partisan effort to stimulate the economy will cast an everlasting positive light on George Bush as he ends his eight year reign as president. I wonder though, if that was his purpose. Whatever his reason was, it worked for him. There will be many happy Americans in May, there will be many happy businesses in May in addition to new home sales, wonderful refinancing rates for existing homeowners and benefits for senior citizens. George Bush positioned himself just right to go out on top, at least in the eyes of some Americans who struggle with their finances and will welcome this small financial albeit small tax break. This will perhaps redeem him even from bad financial decisions that some thought he has made and bad comments that he has given. However it is done, in some folks eyes, this will be a star for him. This might be the only thing some Americans remember about his leadership. What about you? What do you think of the economic stimulus package and George Bush’s leadership ability in getting it approved?


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