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Feb 6
Barak Obama and Charismatic Leadership

I think Barak Obama has a very engaging style, very eloquent, articulate and able to answer a direct question.

Barak appeals to the masses, addresses the issues and has promises that get our attention.

But is Barak qualified to be a leader?

All too often, people get confused about charismatic leadership vs. effective leadership. If a person is an eloquent speaker or a dynamic speaker, this is often equated with being an effective speaker. Now I am not saying that Barak is not effective, I am merely saying that a leader's effectiveness should not be equated with their ability to emotionally move a crowd. While there is a definite leadership style in getting results, leaders must be aware of the quality of those results.

Where do you think charisma belongs with leaders?

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Charisma is often one of the most important traits a leader needs. Charismatic people are able to effectively motivate people to action and hope. For this same reason it is also a character trait that is dangerous when used for evil. Right now, I think what our nation needs more than almost anything else is hope and a leader that can disengage us from our partisanism and inspire unity.

With regards to leadership, I personally think Barak Obama's character (another important element for leaders) stands out against his competition, Hillary Clinton who seems to flip flop all over the place, making promises and saying whatever she thinks people want to hear. That is the kind of charisma we don't need.

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