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Feb 4
Our Future Business Leaders



When I was in college, my friends and I would often talk (and dream) about what industries we would go into; business, technology, medicine, sports, etc. A few of us knew we would be entrepreneurs and pave the way for ourselves and make a name in our respected industries. What we didn't have and didn't know about was mentoring and mentorship. We didn't have the guidance of someone who had already done what we wanted to do, been where we wanted to go and had sage advice to give us. We were just a few green, fresh-faced kids with a dream. Although some of us did meet our goals, it certainly did not come without lots of sweat, mistakes and hard knocks. We got there, but what a bumpy ride it was!

I had the pleasure last week of speaking to a group of high school students on the topic of "How To Start Your Own Busines." Most of the students were very receptive to the idea while others were bored completley. However, what really impressed me were the students who had that entrepreneur hunger. The ones who asked questions, made comments and wanted more information were the ones who I know will make it as a future business leader.

The student's interest of business ideas ranged from technology to econmoics to medical with lots of startup ideas coming from each of them. Their enthusiasm was very motivating and I encouraged each of them to follow their dream.

Our future business leaders are in our schools, neighborhoods and churches. We, as the current business leaders, have an obligation and responsibility to grow and develop these new leaders. We should tell them what we know, how to get ahead, how to strategize and position themselves in the market place to be powerful and product business leaders. Taking them under our wing will and can be the best thing we could ever do for them, and for ourselves.

If you are the mentoring-type or have really good advice for leaders, consider sharing them with your local high school. The administration and teachers are very receptive to community leaders coming in and sharing their knowledge with the students.

One of the students took a great interest in the notion that he could actually start his own business. Turns out that no one had ever encouraged him to do it so he naturally had lots of questions about the mechanics of actually being in business for yourself. He had lots of questions, ideas and even problem-solving business scenarios.

Taking time out of my schedule to talk with these students did require lots of juggling on my part, but I made it happen. And, who knows, I may have even be a catalyst to jump-start the next most powerful business leader in our community or our nation. You never know who your leadership will effect. Be open and helpful to all and in that you will reap benefits and rewards for both them and yourself.

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This is great advice. Mentoring can be as rewarding for the mentor as it is for the recipient!

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