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4 Leaders Leaping

In honor of today being Leap Year, I thought I'd make a post about, what else, leap%20year.jpgleadership. But not any old ordinary post. In this post I'd like to highlight 4 major things I've learned as a leader and how they govern my life.

Since Leap Year (Day) occurs every four years, I think four is the befitting magical number. This also ties into the contest that I'm also running here at Leader Notes, so if you're so inclined, I'd love to have you join in and give me your best leadership moments. Here goes:

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Does Being A Leader Require Experience...Or Just Know-How?

What do you think? Is it necessary to have previous experience to be a leader? Or, are all leaders with experience simply in the way and not open to new ideas?

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Are Members of the Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs Leaders For Life?

As a leader, do you think civic organizations can help business leaders become better leaders?

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Ledership501: Still Going Strong
Easton made this post some time ago about a then new leadership site at Leadership501. I took a look at it today, and I must say, it is full of rich, informative content from an educatonal perspective. I would like... Continue Reading
Your Best Leadership Moment Contest
What is the best or the most memorable leadership moment that you have ever experienced? Do you have a moment where you knew that your leadership skills and experience played a big part in achieving a particular goal?Share with us at... Continue Reading
What Will eBay Corporate Leaders Do To End The Boycott? That Is, If They Can

"The strike, or boycott, is about all I am seeing in my groups, forums, news feeds, and on eBay blogs. I'm more than interested to see how many sellers actually pull their listings, or put their stores on vacation. I will not. First of all, I am not that passionate about the changes. I'll adapt and move on."

(Excerpted from the blog of eBay power seller and Know More Media's author of PowerSellKing).

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As Cuban Leadership Shifts from Fidel to Raul Castro Will There Be Major Changes?
Fidel acknowledges that it takes sharp mental alertness and physical energy to successfully perform his duties, so he relinquishes control to (possibly) his brother. Fidel has been in leadership of the country of Cuba since 1959, over 47 years. Continue Reading
Barack Obama: Is America Ready for a Black President?
Is America really ready for a black leader? Continue Reading
Dress for Success
This previous post by Hal got me thinking about Leaders and their appearance. It's important for Leaders to project an immaculate appearance.What do you think - - how should leaders' appearance be?... Continue Reading
A Holocaust Survivor and Leader Dies - Representative Tom Lantos
The only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress, Representative Tom Lantos of California, died this morning from a life-long battle with esophegeal cancer."Lantos, who referred to himself as "an American by choice," was born to Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary, and... Continue Reading
The Writer's Strike Was Well Worth It!

It is important for you in your quest to find good, valuable content online for personal or professional reasons. You certainly don’t want to compromise that by simply “settling” for what’s available, or even not being able to find anything at all valuable.


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Tina Turner: A Definite Entertainment Iconic Leader
Tina Turner is definitely a leader in her genre. Continue Reading
Feb 8
The Economic Stimulus Package Will Make Some Americans Very Happy
The one quality that I noticed that stood to above all others was President Bush's charismatic ability to bring both parties together. He was able to convince both sides to agree on something that would benefit the economy and the entire nation by stimulating the economy in various ways. Continue Reading
Feb 7
Should Leaders Mingle With The "Common" Folk?
I was very surprised to see it today. Really, I was. I was in a restaurant having lunch with a friend, and in walks a very well-known, well-respected business leader in our community. He was obviously there for lunch, as... Continue Reading
Feb 6
Leaders, People Are Watching You
People who are in leadership and high profile positions should always be mindful that they are always being watched. Always.  People watch leaders for a variety of reasons:  They want to mimic their behaviorThey want to do the opposite of... Continue Reading
Barak Obama and Charismatic Leadership
I think Barak Obama has a very engaging style, very eloquent, articulate and able to answer a direct question.Barak appeals to the masses, addresses the issues and has promises that get our attention.But is Barak qualified to be a leader?All... Continue Reading
Feb 4
Born or Made?
Are leaders born or made? That's one of the age-old questions that has had leaders pondering for years. If a leader is born, the thinking is that everything he or she does will be right and excellent. If a leader... Continue Reading
Our Future Business Leaders
 When I was in college, my friends and I would often talk (and dream) about what industries we would go into; business, technology, medicine, sports, etc. A few of us knew we would be entrepreneurs and pave the way for ourselves... Continue Reading

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