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Celebrating Civil Rights Every Day - - Black History and Martin King Jr. Make It Possible


Today is the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and many bloggers and blogs around the Internet will be sharing stories, poems and giving accolades to this great man who helped change the face of the Civil Rights Movement. Although I made a post last week about his effect on my life as a minority and as a leader, today I want to take a moment to address the leader in each of you. We normally wait until January to celebrate Dr. King's birthday and until the month of February to notice Black History icons and their affect on history. Albeit significant, I implore you as leaders that instead of waiting to celebrate and waiting to give moments of reflections, address them everyday. Make them a part of your normal activities, both business and personal.

I am especially aware of civil rights because as a minority, I am directly affected by the movement and what was birthed from it. I am old enough to have witnessed and direct insults to my enjoyment of freedom but yet not old enough to consider myself one of the freedom-makers. However it came, I have it and I enjoy it. Therefore because of this, each day I can conduct business, go eat at public places, enjoy the freedom to live where I want, work where I want, shop where I want and drive the car that I want and not be penalized or beaten for it.

Had it not been for my predecessors fighting and standing ground for MY rights, I could not today enjoy any of the things I often take for granted. Notwithstanding that there is still a lot of work to do in righting some civil rights wrongs, today I still celebrate along with my peers and those in my culture the right’s gained to happiness, freedom and fairness. So today, I not only give reflective moments on Dr. King’s life, but I also give thanks to him and the Movement for the total and complete joy of my freedom.



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Well said, Bridget.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is without a doubt one of the most influential and pivotal figures in twentieth-century history! I think it's never a bad idea to honor the civil rights leaders and martyrs by reading literature that would again remind us of their struggle. His own words gives such insight into the man and the contribution he made to civil rights. Absolutely powerful words:

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