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Charismatic Leadership
One of the premises of successful leadership is the ability to successfully guide others, using knowledge, information and resources. One other key component that is used is charisma and there are those who use it quite well. Politicians use it, preachers use it, executives use it and even the everyday vendor-on-the-street uses it. Charisma is what gets results and what make others want what you’ve got. If used effectively and strategically, leaders can get people to:

See it their way. People often change party lines depending on the speaker’s charisma and argument of their cases.

Try it their way. When charismatic leaders introduce a “three-step” solution, there are bound to be those that will give it a whole-hearted try.

Abandon their own ideas and beliefs in favor of the charismatic persons. This can be arguably unwise but it does happen.  

Have you ever experienced any of these steps, knowing that you made these choices based simply on how that person engaged you and made you think? Sometimes, we experience moments where we perhaps thought that we weren't thinking reasonable, only to discover that we're victims of a charismatic hold. While charisma is certainly not anything that is bad, it does however bear analyzing whether or not charismatic leaders are sound, reasonable leaders or just full of emotion without direction.

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Nice topic! Yeah, Charisma is the ability to influence others positively by connecting with them physically, emotionally, and intellectually. It is the secret to success. I think you don't need to born with charisma, but you can learn it. If anyone wants, this book -- "Charisma" really helps: http://dealstudio.com/searchdeals.php?deal_id=78289&ru=279

John, thanks for your comment. I do believe that while there are some that are "born" with charisma, that it definitely can be taught. Such as teaching that actions equals results, how to "win" someone over by doing something in particular, etc., etc.

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