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Lead By Being Honest, Open and Real
If I threw out some big words in a hurried fashion, I perhaps may impress you, albeit temporary. If I told you that I've spoken to hundreds of thousands of people from several different countries on multiple continents, again I may impress you. If I told you that I've authored hundreds of books, am in high demand as an international speaker and my appointments are booked months and years in advance, again, I'm sure you would be impressed. But, I have a problem with this type of "impressing" people. You see, leadership is not about the tangibles like books, speaking engagements and contracts. True leadership is about changes in people, changes in systems and a marked difference in the way things are done.


There are conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, etc., etc. on how you can become a leader - - an effective leader. There are hundred of books written that will tell you how to write your own books (on leadership, of course), classes that will teach you the fundamentals of leadership and mentors that will share with you how they've amassed success and will show you how you can too. I still have problems with that.


In all of my years as a leader in different industries, there is one thing that I have learned: people want true, honest leaders that are transparent. People want leaders that they can “see” themselves in, those that know and can identify with where they’ve been and where they’re trying to go.


So while it may be impressive to spout big words and show off big contracts, think about what you’re really aspiring to do as a leader. Just be honest, be open and be real. Are you?




The Youth Leaders of Tommorrow
Starting a business can be something that young people can benefit greatly from. Learning entrepreneurial and business skills at such young ages can be beneficial and create a sense of responsibility in our youth.Recently, I was asked to speak to... Continue Reading
Celebrating Civil Rights Every Day - - Black History and Martin King Jr. Make It Possible
Today, I not only give reflective moments on Dr. King’s life, but I also give thanks to him and the Movement for the total and complete joy of my freedom. Continue Reading
How Do You Define Leadership?
 There are volumes and volumes of books on Leadership. Topics on leadership are endless such as How To Become A Great Leader, What Attributes Leaders Have, How Leaders Motivate Others and the list goes on and on.But, if you're reading... Continue Reading
Leaders Should Network To Build Relationships
Networking is not a new idea, a new concept or anything necessarily "new". Networking has long been a form of communication that allows people to learn one another, interact together and enhance relationships, preferably business relationships. In leadership, I have... Continue Reading
Steve Jobs and the New MacBook Computer Impress Consumers
 The man is a genius.Today at MacWorld Expo 2008, Steve Jobs in his keynote address unveiled the new trim. slim and ultra-sleek MacBook Air, touted as the world's thinnest notebook. No one is arguing with him. "It's the world's thinnest notebook... Continue Reading
Celebrating The Life Of A Great Leader - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
However, today, I want to personally thank Dr. King for the movement. Today I celebrate the life of a great man, a man who had a vision and followed that vision until his death. I too, have a vision. Continue Reading
Charismatic Leadership
One of the premises of successful leadership is the ability to successfully guide others, using knowledge, information and resources. One other key component that is used is charisma and there are those who use it quite well. Politicians use it,... Continue Reading
Big Leaders Who Are Big Givers
  In a move that just might make the mighty "O" bigger than what she already is, Oprah Wynfrey has come up with another project that is destined to make her more famous, more celebrated and more loved. Oprah is giving... Continue Reading
Jan 9
Michael Jordan's Leadership Decisions Could Get Your Utilities Disconnected
Michael “Air” Jordan, one of the biggest names and smartest branders in basketball history, released his 23rd edition signature shoe to the public this month. Continue Reading
Crisis Leadership Equals Bad Decisions
 Leading in a triage fashion will and can eventually cause even strong organizations to crumble under the weight of poor decisions. Anytime there is a decision made in haste without proper research and/or investigation, there will always inevitably be results... Continue Reading
Jan 8
Sound Business Advice
What is the best advice that you've ever been given as a business owner? What pearls of wisdom have you ever received before you stepped out on your own or took an executive level assignment?


Continue Reading
Jan 7
Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth, So Help You God? What Will Roger Clemens' Answer Be?
 Roger Clemens says he didn't do it.His former trainer, Brian McNamee, says he did.Did what? That would be injecting Roger Clemens with steroids and human growth hormones in an effort to enhance his professional performance in major league baseball. But, which one of them is telling... Continue Reading
Jan 3
Will Hillary's Work Ethic Help The Senator In The Iowa Caucuses?
I wonder today with the excitement of the Iowa Caucus, if Hillary will reap the benefits of a work ethic she seems to embrace and carry with her on the speech platform wherever she goes. Like Dr. Weber, if I had the chance to ask her a few questions today, I perhaps might pose these questions: Continue Reading
Jan 2
Toastmasters International Show Effective Leadership Requires Effective and Focused Listening Skills With The Golden Gavel Recipient Award
This year's Golden Gavel Recipient, Barbara DeAngelis, won the coveted award on being able to effectively teach people the benefits of personal transformation by listening to others and listening and focusing on themselves.


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Jan 1
Happy New Year!
Biblically, the number eight is indicative of new beginnings. New beginnings. A chance to make things right. A chance to do it all over again, or at least, this time get it right. For some, new beginnings may not be needed. For others,... Continue Reading

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