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Vladmir Putin Named As Times Person of the Year - 2007


Named as Times Person of the Year, the bestowment of this honor of having been the most powerful, the most influential, the most innovative person of the last 365 days was given to the great Vladimir Putin.

A man whose leadership has at times been questioned, Prime Minister Putin has transformed the country of Russia through his tireless persistence and his ability to effectively cause and motivate changes in those that are under his regime.

The effects of his leadership have been witnessed amazingly in his country for eight years that have allowed him to make Russia a force to be reckoned with alongside their Western counterparts with the United States and other countries that are becoming super forces in the food chain.

Although Times reasoning for choosing this particular leader as Person of the Year, is debatable, one thing is not. Vladimir Putin has been a strong force in the reshaping of Russia for his tenure there and the stable forces that he has set in place will be felt for a long time to come. This is a crucial factor for lasting and effective leadership through anyone who wants to leave a lasting and felt legacy.

And, as a bestowment for a Person of the Year, I think Times got it right.

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I totally agree that Times got it right. It is really good news for Putin and Russian. It is affirmative to praise his political achievements during those years of his government. I think he deserves 2007 Time Person of the Year. He makes a great progress in Russian economy, and his insight into the opaque world of Russian foreign policy is unique. Putins attempts to reform the endemic weakness of the Russian state and to reshape its political system and national identity are explored alongside his economic, social, cultural, regional and foreign policies. I know a book about him online - Putin: Russia's Choice, it details all objective facts to descript various aspects, including economic measures, social betterment, political system, foreign policy, etc. to affirm Putin's achievements and his contributions to Russia and the world. Anyonw who supoports and admires Putin should read it at dealstudio.com/searchdeals.php?deal_id=73837 It will be a pretty good enlightening!

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