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Leaders Celebrating Together With Know More Media's Online Presence for 2 Years

Last week was a celebration of blog network, Know More Media, with an online presence of two years in the news/blog world. They officially launched the network in December of 2005 and business has been getting better for them since that time. It has been an exciting time for those who began the company and also for those who are now authors and writers of the blogs offered. I am one of those new faces around Know More Media and I feel the excitment as well. Even though I wasn't here when the network first began, I feel as if I have been a part of this wonderful group of professionals for just as long. There are many, many well-developed and well-written blogs on the network with a team of awesome editors and administrators that are high-quality individuals with a wealth of business, technical and educational knowledge that collectively form this great network that you see.

As a new author on this blog, I took some time to look around on my peers blogs to see what they're writing about, what angle they're writing from and how effectively they engage their readers. I was not disappointed! I feel very confident and assured working with a team of professioansl like the writers at Know More Media and am proud of the potential that we all have together as writers.

Also, as a new author on this blog, I can assure you that you can expect the same level of thoroughness and professioanlism that you have always experienced from this blog at Leadernotes. My goal is to provide you the readers with succinct but thorough news form a leaders' perspective and that will help catapult your positions as leaders and your businesses in the business and local community. If ever there's something in particular that you want more of, or less of, please let me know. Your input is an invaluable tool to this blog's success. That's why Know More Media has enjoyed the level of success that it has for two years because of reader's like you.

So, enjoy, keep reading, keep commenting and let's keep celebrating moments like this together!

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