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Does The Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in MLB Affect School-Aged Children?

 baseball%20and%20bat.jpg Some little fellows (and some big ones too) who have idolized ball players for many years of their lives will be sadly disappointed to find many of the names of their favorite major league baseball players on the list of the Mitchell Report naming those players who have benefited in their game through the use of performance-enhancng drugs. Not only will they be disappointed, but may even be angry to know that the guys who they always thought had "game" were just being assisted by the use of steroids. What message does this send to our little ball players, both girls and boys? Although their fate is still to be determined by the baseball commissioner, those who are named on the list still must take responsibility for their actions. Though there is sure to be a fine of some sort, whether it's monetary or physical (jail time), the one punishment that these players won't be able to escape is the effect that they have had on their fans, specifically the fans that are children. Even if their names are or are not on the list, the very idea that their favorite ball player enlisted the use of a drug to help their game will be devestating to the child.

Do you think the use should or should not affect the child? Is it the parent's responsibility to mold the child's thinking or create role models for the child themselves? All I know is, after I found out who was on the list, I just shook my head, not in anger or disappointment, but in agreement because I wasn't very surprised.

Alright, maybe just a little.

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