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Oct 6
What do Leadership, Gifts and Microlending Have in Common?

A few days ago Jim Murphy, a senior executive at Amica … gave $1800.00 to shore up computers at Camp Haccamo.  The camp’s special mission to welcome children with special needs to a summer resident camp … depends on generous gifts such as Amica’s.

It also depends on volunteers. That’s one reason that I serve on the camp’s board of directors and as chairperson of theJim%20-%20Amica%20-%20Ellen.JPGir human resources committee, where Jim also serves.

Just as volunteerism and generosity keeps Camp Haccamo up and running, though, it also keeps leaders’ brains alive and rolling.

How so? 

Have you noticed how people who make a difference for others, tend to develop improved leadership skills for themselves, along the way.

There’s more…. Chances for international business experiences tend to open faster for people who seize volunteer opportunities. You could say that legacies are often built more in areas where people volunteer … because fewer politics obstruct … and so progressive new ideas often fly faster.

Volunteerism is on its way back – and with new punch. Have you seen it?

In Boston my daughter and son-in-law and I attended a gourmet dinner …  hosted by Dr. Pepe Borrego, a master volunteer in several fields. At the table,  I met a fine young man, Emeric, who’s headed off to India this month to help establish and perfect microlending systems there.

What’s "microlending "?

This revolutionary volunteer movement - extends small loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations. No interest is charged, but budding entrepreneurs are expected to repay the loan fully within an agreed period of time.

Not surprisingly, worldwide, there is a 97% repayment rate. This voluntary loan system changes lives … and opens opportunities for thousands of new leaders all over the world!

We all can’t win the Nobel Peace Prize…  as Muhammed Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank did in 2006, for his brilliant efforts in micro-lending. Yet to give back is to be given to – and  shoots of volunteerism springing up all over ... point to a new leadership focus. One of giving back!

Where do you volunteer … and how has this contribution changed your leadership?


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