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Yahoo Finished Ahead of Google in Recent Surveys

When Brain Based Business made the number one spot in BlogBurst recently and then dropped to second place and then hopped back to top spot again – the whole idea of competition had me wondering. Does your leadership change when the competition heats up?
Yahoo and Google continue to chase one another a in the polls and I find myself wondering if that makes for better service or benefits for their customers. Alex Pham wrote recently in the LA Times.

Consumers gave Google a score of 78 out of a possible 100 points, down three points from last year. It was the first time Google slipped below 80 points since 2002, when the company was added to the survey.

Is it good for customers that Yahoo topped Google by 3 points?

Pham figurYahoo.gifed …

Yahoo's ascent reflects consumers' impression, whether deserved or not, that Yahoo has done a better job of innovating to keep up with the times, said Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results, which wrote an analysis of the data as a sponsor of the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Do you agree?

Google seems to take this drop in stride, on the one hand, and yet it sees itself as a clear leader of innovation in terms of customer service, on the other.

Concerning its winning customer satisfaction surveys - Yahoo responded

that it was pleased with the results, and that they reflected the company's recent efforts to keep its 500 million global users happy.

I’m not sure how I feel about the heat of running neck and neck with top players in any field. Who wins?

It seems to me that there’s a great deal more we could all do to help other leaders reach the top of their game – and then we’d raise the bar for customers and leaders alike. What do you think?


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