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Aug 2
IQ - A Smart History of a Failed Idea

Do you see workers with more intellectual capability - or with less? Has human intelligence helped your business to expand in ways you'd hoped - or do you want more from workers? Questions about intelligence, the high-performance mind, and business benefits continue to pop up - even where answers still allude us.

James Flynn discovered that IQ tests have been rising at the rate of about 3 points each decade. For all the complaints about people who seem ill fitted at work, intellectual progress remains on a constant trajectory – up….

Some people attribute the rise to a better quality of life in general. Health an nutrition certainly contribute to the human brain’s capability. IQ%20%E2%80%93%20A%20smart%20History%20of%20a%20Failed%20Idea.jpg

Others though – see this rising intelligence phenomenon as part of a computer wired  society with novel intellectual challenges … more and more information available …  and increasingly complex problems to solve. What do you say?

Few can refute the statistics that show the same IQ increase in every country where data is collected. The question that remains a puzzle is ... Why is this so?

Flynn argued that the reason we see this hike in mental scores is because IQ tests do not measure intelligence, but simply link to real intelligence in far weaker ways that we realize.

Building on Flynn's questions – Stephen Murdoch, a journalist … wrote IQ – A smart History of a Failed Idea. Murdoch raises the intelligence story and its serious flaws into newer lights for another look.

The book shows examples of abuse … and a history of terrible policies and outcomes based on false results about who is smart and who is not. Listen to an interview between Dr. Kevin Keough and Stephen Murdoch on the topic of intelligence. This book concludes that it is time for intelligence experts to devise better tools.

Actually they already have new tools and new measures -- but big business and people’s comfort zones keep us coming back to the scores we saw valued where we grew up.

Murdoch also warns intelligence experts to stop trying to tell people tests are valid and that IQs measure intelligence.

Actually experts tell us just the opposite – and hopefully Murdoch's new book will add to the stack of evidence that will help us to believe more truth than convenient truth about human intelligence.

Here for instance, are 25 brain facts to rate your workplace intelligence for starters. What do you think?  

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