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Lead through Problem Solving for Added Memory

Few would deny that people who lead solutions with the brain in mind - benefit everybody around them.

People who solve problems - through  use their full range of intelligences – clearly grow intellectual brainpower, for instance.
We also knew that a problem solving approach to learning changes the structure of the human brain.

Now it seems though, as if the very process of problem solving for improvements also offers these leaders create new memory observed growing in their brain.

Did I just say leaders can problem solve for new memory paybacks?

Interestingly, The Guardian Science just reported that scientists observed new memory being formed as learning took place.

According to Ian Sample’s article today Scientists see new memory forming in the brain 

 “A team led by Gary Lynch, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine, found that the memory formed when a rat learned to navigate a maze was written in the brain by changes to 10,000 synapses, the microscopic connections that allow nerve cells in the brain to talk to each other.”

We’ll be following this leadership development as the study appears in the Journal of Neuroscience – to see further how this discovery will help us to lead more with the brain in mind.

In fact, we see that very problem solving benefit for scientists who searched their own mazes for a century to see the “face” of a new memory – and finally came up with the very breakthrough that help them to map memories across the brain.

Not a bad motivation for a leader’s day.

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I believe that practice is an essential part of development. Challenging our brain by solving problems is good way of keeping it active.

There's no question to that. As long as we keep our brain healthy by engaging in thought stimulating activities, our brain will surely develop over time.

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