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Daniel Sitter Leads the Way to Profit for Learners

When Benjamin Franklin said … An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest…” he could have been describing Dan Sitter’s  book Learning from Profit.

To learn new skills faster, easier and with more applications to real life - in a nutshell …  is what Sitter calls – learning from profit. In contrast this leader in the field of ideas … uses his own background in mechanical and electrical engineering fields where he observed that people stuck in old ways … and who found it Daniel%20Sitter.jpgfrustrating to learn new skills.

This book shows in practical step-by-step stages … how to jump into opportunities in ways that create career promotions and bring in more finances.

Aside from it's well-written and fast paced prose ... why is this book getting results? Daniel’s really drawing from interesting new brain facts in several key areas…

First, he suggests that fast and focused brings higher returns. This positions the brain to build new neuron pathways well beyond blame that holds back people who settle for ruts or boredom.

Second, he recommends that people position to prosper when opportunities open. To do that best is to draw brainpower from multiple intelligences in preparation.

Finally, Sitter suggests a person should decide promptly and with confidence. Mind maps and advanced organizers help here. Confidence and success are the handmaidens of clear targets - when it comes to the human brain.
While some leaders seem to be hardwired to fail – in reality - the brain holds amazing plasticity to rewire itself for more success when we simply do the kinds of strategies Sitter suggests. So what’s the problem? Why do so many leaders slip off the tracks along the way?  

Unfortunately people tend to filter out learning tactics that do not match up with what they did from their school experiences. Sadly, too many leaders return to familiar practices ... in spite of past approaches that failed them. It’s more about how we hook new ideas to what we experience or know, than about an unwillingness to change.

Once leaders begin to see Sitter’s kind of profits … associated with effective learning and minds focused on new possibilities – the brain kicks in to enable the risks needed for that next investment of time and talent. How so? Each successful learning experience or each profit received tend to rewire the brain for more of the same and we now know how beliefs shape your outcomes.  

Rarely will every skill attempted by leaders …  show up as high business IQ ... yet partial victory would still have you learning for profit in ways that lead with people like Daniel Sitter.

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Dan Sitter has a great blog. I'm an avid fan of his. Glad to see you highlight his work, Ellen.

Thanks Robyn -- because it's books like this one that move leadership ahead and rachet up what many of us chase in excellence!

Thank you for your wonderful commentary and review concerning my book, Learning For Profit. I genuinely appreciate the time you spent and the effort made on my behalf.

I so enjoyed how you documented my main thoughts with your scientific reasoning and further described what I have termed as "learning for profit." You certainly have grasped what my intentions were with this "skinny book," ie... to expose people to their inherent ability to learn faster by employing simple techniques. It's written at a level that most people can understand.

Thank you again. I'm a fan of both yourself and Robyn.

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