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Jason Tremblay's Leadership at SellMyTimeshareNOW.com

A recent press release was distributed featuring business executive Jason Tremblay, the leader and CEO of SellMyTimeshareNOW.com, a fast-growing online timeshare website that successfully links sellers of timeshares with buyers. Tremblay discusses how he started the company in his spare bedroom, and has led its growth to become one of the most visited timeshare sites on the Internet, employing over 90 people and expecting to gross $8 million in revenue in 2007.


Brains on Ice - Steinberg's Leading Edge Practice
Dr. Steinberg is one of only a handful of neurosurgeons in the United States who induce mild hypothermia before brain surgery. Unbelieveable as it may seem,  this cutting edge practice is already  an accepted technique.  Partly because of the positive evidence mounted... Continue Reading
Wegmans Leads Food Industries Into the Future
 In today’s Democrat and Chronicle  story titled … 1st new area Wegmans in 10 years almost open … Deborah Alexandria showed Wegman’s new store opening this Sunday - in Greece, New York. What interested me are the ten additions to... Continue Reading
Lead through Problem Solving for Added Memory
Few would deny that people who lead solutions with the brain in mind - benefit everybody around them. People who solve problems - through  use their full range of intelligences – clearly grow intellectual brainpower, for instance. We also knew that a... Continue Reading
Daniel Sitter Leads the Way to Profit for Learners
When Benjamin Franklin said … An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest…” he could have been describing Dan Sitter’s  book Learning from Profit. To learn new skills faster, easier and with more applications to real life - in... Continue Reading
What Gets in the Way of Leaders' Change?
People often experienced more stress from changes than they do from seemingly more serious problems such as loss of a close friend or job. Why is that so? David Engle’s book Ambivalence in Psychotherapy suggests that dealing with ambivalence is... Continue Reading
5 Ways Leaders Waste Brainpower and Tips to Turn it Around
Here are five surefire ways leaders waste  brainpower at work and a tip or two that could turn things around. 1. Eat too much before or during a workday and your brain becomes too busy digesting every big morsel you... Continue Reading
Jul 4
Leaders Link to Prosperity through Peace
Today is Independence Day – a time to consider why we are headed for war when we could enjoy Ireland’s kind of of prosperity through peace. Since I've been working a great deal in Ireland these days ... I cannot help but... Continue Reading

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