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Leaders Tend to Bombard or Benefit - but Not Both

After a rich career of inspiring others to reach higher goals in Coca-Cola, Revlon, United Negro College Fund, and Boys and Girls club – Jack Stahl still shares enthusiasm for business leadership. He seemed a contrast to the current frustration I have sensed with bombarding Google ads, and I wondered if others felt the same? It’s really bigger than ads or frustrations though – it’s really leading by inspiration that woos others to follow.   
I was interested in Jack Stahl’s new book… Lessons on Leadership … especially his notion of leadership that influences people. Stahl shows how not to be in-your-face … and suggests ways to inspire others toward success. Google seems to be more and more in our faces with their increasingly frustrating pop-ups, so that you cannot even cut and paste anymore without “closing three or four” of these annoying critters.

It seems to me there is a balance – when it comes to leaders communicating with people. The key is to inspire – and not to bombard. Whenever I try to read over my blog or others, for instance,  and Google ad pop-ups constantly distracted me from the main points in the blog – I see leadership in my face.  Because of these distracting pop-ups … I am deeply dragged away from ideas and inspiration – and dragged into Google's in-your-face-ads.

Yes,  I do realize that ads sustain successful blogs, yet I wish leadership at Google would inspire people – rather than bombard them with pop-ups that distract and annoy.

Stahl, one of the country’s foremost business leaders,  seems to speak of another kind of leadership – that can build and manage world class organizations in more positive ways.

In fact Jack Stahl, sees a positive influence on others as a linchpin to additional leadership lessons. Why so?

“because success in any leadership role depends on your ability to effectively influence people to take actions to achieve success.”

For Stahl, this includes the way leaders…

1. Take time to understand an audience

2. Identify people’s beliefs, goals, and motivations

3. Discuss assumptions they hold, as a way to develop a plan for organizational success.

Jack Stahl, also shows why some organizations fall short of achieving greatness. I wonder if he would approve of Google pop-up that increasingly bombard blogs. In fact I wonder what advice he’d offer to Google leaders about what their obnoxious interruptions to blog print is doing to their leadership model out there. I’m open to hear more about benefits,  I may be missing in all this pop-up mania that follows my words recently.

What do you think?

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