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Mar 8
Got Leadership Questions? Leadership501 Has Answers


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Regular LeaderNotes readers should cast their eyes on a new blog about leadership called Leadership501 (feed), part of a series of "501" business blogs.  Its mission is to give you concrete information to help you be more effective in leadership positions.

Leadership501 offers a variety of interesting and relevant posts about leadership traits and principles.  For example, there is information on five of the most important leadership traits.  I like this quote:

A great example of inspiration is when Steve Jobs stole the CEO from Pepsi by asking him, 'Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?' Being inspiring means showing people the big picture and helping them see beyond a narrow focus and understand how their part fits into the big picture.

There is also a directory to help you find articles on specific themes related to leadership and a news aggregator that serves up fresh articles on leadership from around the Web.

While Leadership501 needs to provide a more personal touch - an author bio with contact info, for example - the free leadership articles are a great start.  My suggestion to the folks there is to keep churning out relevant content, make sure it's always fresh and original, and emulate great blog design attributes from top business blogs.

Read Leadership501 and subscribe to its feed today.  It's still a young blog, so look for new features to emerge soon.

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