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Look on the Inside, Not the Outside (Revisited)

Look on the inside, not the outside.  

I know we’ve covered this in many postings before, but I just read an interesting article by Amy Joyce entitled Fashion Leads By A Nose in The Washington Post this morning which I think you’ll find interesting as well. You can get it at HERE.  

The article focuses around some negative stereotypes of nose-piercing and tattoos in the workplace.  

I then clicked over to my favorites sports news site and read about the stock of NFLQuinn draft candidate Brady Quinn whose stock is plummeting through no fault of his own (save a terrible performance in the Sugar Bowl.) and he wonders why considering he has yet to throw a pass at any of the screening workouts. 

Both bring the point back home: Look on the inside, not the outside.  

As a society, we are pre-occupied with external stimuli. People watching. People judging. I had my bi-monthly pedicure yesterday (I know, I know…read the title of this article again and stop giggling!) and spent the 60-minute procedure reading the latest gossip in People magazine. All sorts of info on Brittany Spears’ new haircut, Anna Nicole-Smith’s post-mortem court battles, etc. We love looking at others and making Storybritneyfrontkabcjudgments.  

The danger, and this is mentioned in Joyce’s article, is that we make a snap judgment on somebody which, with our constant observation, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, the people in our cross-hairs will fail if we just wait long enough. We don’t want our perceptions proved wrong.  

So this week, let’s all make a commitment to look on the inside first and quit making judgments base on nose piecings, tattoos, or men who get pedicures. You might be surprised just how interesting and special these people are on the inside.  

Not telling you what to do, just offering a suggestion!

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