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Goals, not Resolutions for 2007

Well it’s nearly time for the annual ritual.   We set lofty resolutions for ourselves, losing weight, working out, quitting smoking and hit the ground running on January 2.  30 or so days later, the resolutions die a quick death.  I know this first hand.  My resolutions normally last about that long.  I know it happens to others.  All you have to do is look at the long lines for the Elliptical machines at the gym the first week in January and compare them to the ample room one month later.  It’s a vicious cycle we’ve come to expect each year.

Let’s try something new for 2007.   Let’s set goals instead of resolutions. 

Is there a difference?  Absolutely! 

Goals are long term.  Goals are more general in nature.  Goals are achievable because they offer a process rather than a rulebook. 

Here’s an example.  Rather than make a resolution to lose 50 pounds, set a goal for better overall wellness.  Wellness is a combination of the physical, the relational, the intellectual, and the spiritual.  Take action along these four tracks and you’ll definitely become more fit.  Here are some suggestions: 

Physical – commit yourself to overall fitness:  better eating habits, increased, varied exercise, regular doctor and dentist visits, more sleep, less smoking or alcohol consumption, and taking Sundays off completely from work. 

Relational – commit yourself to being a better spouse, friend, parent, co-worker, boss, or partner by listening more, judging less, being more empathetic, more forgiving, and certainly more patient.  

Intellectual – commit yourself to training your mind.  Go back to school, read more, study more, and learn more.  Set a goal to read at least one hour per day on a subject in your field of expertise. 

Spiritual – commit yourself to an inner focus.  Reconnect with your creator, become more reflective, start going to church (or temple or mosque) on a regular basis. 

Can you see the difference?  Start down four different but related paths and you’ll accomplish much more with small, varied goals.  Even if one or two don’t happen, you’ll still be much further ahead by a goal of better overall wellness.  Isn’t that much less intimidating than making a resolution to losing 50 pounds?  Is it possible you’ll lose 50 pounds in a quest for wellness?  I’d say yes – and you’d stand a much better chance of keeping it off.

Take some time over the next few days to set some goals for 2007.  Let’s make this the best year ever! 

Not telling you what to do, just offering a suggestion! 

Here’s to an INCREDIBLE 2007 for all of us!









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