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Sometimes, It's OK to Brag!

If you've ever taken one of my workshops, you'll know that one of my pet peeves is dealing with arrogant people.  Arrogant people tell you how great they are, but confident people simply exhibit greatness in their work.

Occasionally though, great people have a responsibility to let people know how good they really are. Is this a contradiction to what I think?  Not necessarily.

If your team does a great job, you have a responsibility to let people know.  If excellence pervades your division, someone has to know.  Don't be quiet about good performance if the people around you make you successful.

This past week I facilitated a 5 day Executive summit with newly-minted Coast Guard Admirals and Senior Executive Service (SES) from the Department of Homeland Security (SES) in Washington, DC.  This group of highly motivated, highly intelligent individuals heard remarks and presentations from academics and experts in business, including Scott Eblin, author of the book The Next Level - What Insiders Know About Executive Success, and senior officials from their agency.

Once recurring theme I heard was that they needed to let people know their success stories.  Unfortunately, much of what we hear about DHS is pretty negative.  The general public, ears full of political rhetoric, hear messages of the war on terror with all eyes pointing to the difficult and life-risking work of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.  The challenges faced by DHS are enormous.  Homeland security means securing a HUGE homeland!  While we have much great work going on abroad to secure our freedom, the hard work of defending our own shores goes on.  The folks from the Coast Guard and the growing agencies of DHS are putting in 18 hour days to protect our borders and few people know how hard they work.

So here's the lesson.  If your people push and work hard, LET SOMEONE KNOW ABOUT IT!  It's ok to blow your own horn if it's not all about you.

And on a side note, start paying attention to the OTHER sea service - the Coast Guard.  Get to know how the DHS is organized and find out what they do.  They have your back covered here at home and few people I fear fully understand that.  My hat's off to them and I want to give them a special "Thank You" for a job well done!

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