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Ridiculous Business Solution - From Amish Leaders to the Rest of Us

Last week, Amish leaders brought us all to our knees with sorrow … when gut-wrenching violence struck their strong, peaceful community. We mourn with them… we see who they are to any community … and we want to know more about how they operate so peacefully. amishbuggies.jpg

We also wonder how violence and war images weave naturally through the brains of the rest of us… while Amish brains wire differently for peace and reconciliation. These new questions rise up as a phoenix from ashes in the seemingly ridiculous response to violence that we observed in the face of their tragedy and sadness last week.

That image of
Amish leaders at a killer’s funeral will continue to project colors and shapes of forgiveness onto screens at the back of our minds.  Its lesson will not fall out of focus, unseen, anytime soon.

To some business heads ... Amish leaders projected a ridiculous and illogical lesson on forgiveness last week. Forgiveness appears ridiculous beside business structures we tend to champion in the West. Its contrasts to images of revenge ... harsh words ... or anger, mock common responses. I’ve been asking a key question - since the powerful story of Amish leaders who attended their family’s killer at his funeral. How can we forgive in ways that prosper business and community in our broken firms?

Two things struck me about leaders, the brain and the amazing Amish lesson of
peace to the rest of us. Amish leaders model and help people to:

Rewire their brain’s plasticity for forgiveness and this state existed long before violence struck their caring community.

2. Make learning and peace and forgiveness
an adventure that hardwires their daily lives.

We continue to reel in sorrow for the Amish people’s loss… and for their leaders' role to hold up courage, and run from fear. We support our Amish neighbors in any way we can. We also take the ridiculous lesson of forgiveness and consider the possibility of brain based peace plans that could reboot our minds from violence that shadows us daily, to the innovation of peace through forgiveness.

Next to business structures that sue, compete unfairly, abuse others, or backstab … forgiveness looks ridiculous. Life sucks at times and the unfairness gets you in the gut when you expect it least. If you wait to try out forgiveness until life kicks you in the shins … though …your brain cannot rewire that fast for noble choices … because forgiveness will not exist in your basal ganglia. Surprisingly, forgiveness, the brain and the Amish lesson at a funeral last week,  has more to do with business leaders than most people realize.

What would a business structure look like when forgiveness fits into a leader's mental schemata … like it did at a funeral where the victims blessed a killer’s family? I feel curious about that possibility in my own life today.  Could a new mental framework help business leaders to rewire for a new vision… one that would bring mind-bending profitability in new ways? I already have ideas about the brain's role in that change.....  What do you think?

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