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Sep 7
Run from Leaders Without Heads!

Dashing through a mall to pick up a few stationary supplies yesterday, I was stopped dead in my tracks ... by a large display of men’s and women’s clothes. What? Was I seeing straight?  The manikins sported fine threads but none had heads! What's going on? Wait a minute ... is this a picture of where engines of big business and the rest of us have driven American culture?
This blatant image troubled me all day … partly because it sports icons for the faceless … images for the nameless … and partly because it flaunts metaphors for a brainless march away from innovations of the mind.

Yikes! Tell me I am wrong! Here are a few clues that send out warning signals:

1. Manikins without heads wear rich business suits
2. Phones with endless menus and mazes block human contact
3. Machines do banking and increase fees frequently … “for your convenience”
4. Web sites remove emails to prevent your ideas and insights about their services
5. Leaders … in global companies … hide from accountability… and steal from coffers

Do you see an increase in any of these areas? Where’s the community leader who we can see and invite for lunch? What happened to the openness that allows us to care for one another in ways that create mutual benefits?

headless.jpgYesterday I dropped my insurance policies with nameless global companies and bought a combined policy with Amica … a community leader in my area. And I shop at Wegman’s for the same reason. In fact I am heading back to community leaders to sign up with firms that:

1. Value the minds and insights from customers
2. Welcome communication by phone or email
3. Step out of offices to greet you once in awhile in banks
4. Invite thoughtful exchanges on their web sites
5. Show transparency in money matters that include integrity and giving back

How about you? Are you ready to look to leaders with heads again… and buy from places that still see yours? In Wegman’s and  Amica’s case … a wider business reach simply takes a back seat to quality and excellence … the kind that wins community accolades. What do you think?

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