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Aug 2
Willow Creek Association Leadership Summit Welcomes Bono
Bono, front man for the band U2, human rights activist and Time Magazines’ Person of the Year can now add leadership speaker to his resume. 

Bono will join Christian leaders that will address and train an estimated 70,000 attendees located in 130 locations across North America for the Leadeship Summit 2006. Bono will be interviewed via videotape by Summit founder and Willow Creek Senior Pastor, Bill Hybels who met Bono through their work in Africa.

Bono has lobbied world leaders for the cancellation of third world debt and for funding to fight the AIDS pandemic. In 2002, he co-founded DATA, and last yearbono.jpg Bono was instrumental in organizing Live 8, a one-day concert held in ten locations worldwide, and leading the ONE Campaign. Last February he was the keynote speaker for the 54th National Prayer Breakfast.

The Summit theme is

“A Leader sees reality not as it is….but how it might be”

According to its website,

“the Summit has been designed to provide leadership principles from the best leadership experts and communicators available—both inside and outside the church.”

Speakers include:
  • Bill Hybels, Chairman of the Board of Willow Creek Association, speaker and author
  • James Meeks, Rev. James Meeks of Salem Baptist Church (Chicago, IL), IllinoisState Senator
  • Andy Stanley, Founder of North Point Ministries, Andy Stanley, best-selling author
  • Peg Neuhauser, management and organizational consultant, author and speaker
  • Ashish Nanda, Associate professor at Harvard Business School
  • Jim Collins, former faculty member of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, author, speaker
  • Bono
  • Patrick Lencioni, speaker, consultant, author of many management books
  • Nicole C. Mullen, grammy-nominated songwriter and performer
  • Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship (Honolulu, HI)

Not everyone is supportive of a mash-up of secular principles of leadership and training for Christian leaders. Referring to using secular speakers to teach church leadership, Slice of Laodicea blog wrote, 

“Rock star Bono will be videocasting his thoughts on leadership as well as a host of other secular leadership gurus who know nothing of the Christ of Calvary……Friends, this is an abomination.”

That said, the Summit is open to anyone that wants to pay the price of entry which as of today stands at $445 for non-members to attend at the Willow Creek Campus (South Barringotn, IL) and $255 at a satellite location. Willow Creek members, military and student/faculty receive discounts.

For information about local satellite sites or to register for The Leadership Summit 2006, visit Willowcreek Summit  or call (800) 570-9812.

The Willow Creek Association is producer and host of the annual Leadership Summit. The Willow Creek Association is a growing multi-denominational worldwide network of more than 12,000 churches from 90 denominations and 35 countries. By its own description, it “equips churches and church leaders with strategic vision, training, and resources.”

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I admire Bono but not for his music. The context with the abomination was referring to topics that are applicable in the boardroom and church, on the one hand, and ministry settings, on the other.

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