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Leaders Like Kirsten Osolind Raise Our Collective IQ!

Have you noticed that wherever you see respected and progressive leaders you also see collaborators who help others to succeed also? I saw that picture personally in a fellow blogger and leader again today… and it reminded me of positive leadership that emerges daily through blogs! Collaboration… when done well … by respected leaders … impacts us all and can even raise our collective IQ! What do you think? 

Brain Based Business was just featured on Re:invention Marketing thanks to the generous blog posted there by it’s owner and well-respected leader… Kirsten Osolind and her team.  I am hoping to post Kirsten’s unique and innovative ideas here soon also … as part of the Brain Based Business creative leadership series. In fact I sent her an invitation a few weeks ago.

Kirsten raises our collective IQ … in my mind … because she goes after more …Kirsten Osolind.jpg

success for women… in ways that benefit men and women
wisdom from other executives with an open mind and teachable focus
knowledge that comes from cutting edges and leads to inspired changes
collaboration and joint ventures that draw solutions from multiple intelligences
access for great ideas and the courage to see them materialized
friendships that helps leaders to speak and feel heard
tactics that energize enterprising women with supportive tools
results in ways that draw others into excellence and win-win profitability

Today I feel deeply honored to be featured in Kirsten’s blog … and in future I look forward to sharing more of her own creative leadership tips through this site’s creative leader series.  A few weeks ago I emailed the series’  two-footed questions that will bring out even more from Kirsten’s wealth of Brain Based Business tips!

Thanks Kirsten for seeing worth in my ten brain based tips to success and for making success happen for so many women experts! You’ve made my day special and reminded me why I look forward to blogging at
KMM… in spite of a very busy week! Thanks for the inspiration!   

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Nice article, Dr.Ellen Weber! It's the first time I hear the term 'collective IQ' and it got me wondering what other conditions are also essential to raise our collective IQ?

I think we have all noticed the success among women. Our collective IQ has raised I suppose, right?

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