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Finding Balance in Leadership

Have you heard of Q-CAT? I read about Q-CAT in an article by leadership coach Patty Vogan. Q-CAT is a simple and easy to remember formula for decision making.

  • Q = Quick. Be quick but not hasty.
  • C = Committed. Be committed to your decision but not rigid.
  • A = Analytical. Be analytical, but don't over-analyze (Too much analysis can cause paralysis.)
  • T = Thoughtful. Be thoughtful about all concerned, but don't be obsessive.

I liked the simplicity of this concept. What caught my eye as much as anything however was the “but” found in each principle. For example, “Be quick but not hasty.”balance.jpg

It reminded me that balance is perhaps the most important attribute of a leader. Effective leaders must be strong and dynamic – people of action. But, as a leader, extreme behavior rarely is appropriate and knowing the subtle difference between committed and rigid, for example may make all the difference. An ability to know when to push, when to pull and just how much is a critical leadership trait.

Unfortunately, there is no easy formula for achieving balance. It comes from listening and knowing your team and being sensitive to their cues. It is developed through trial and error. You have likely found it when others follow.

Photo from Stein-balance.

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