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American Idols and Bush
I’ll admit I am one of the few Americans that is not addicted to American Idol. But I don’t have anything against it either. However, I am surprised that in a week of death, carnage and conflict, President Bush allowed his schedule to include a visit from the American Idol tour.

I can only assume that this meeting of Bush and American Idol champ Taylorbush hicks.jpg Hicks and company was scheduled months ago but it still feels wrong.

In my mind, there is a crisis in hand and President Bush should be on it. His focus, his resolve, his energy and his public persona should suggest that he is in control of the many issues that are currently on the minds of Americans and the much of the world.

And they are many.

War between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas
More troops – not less required in Iraq as daily death toll pushes 100
UN vote on Iran nuclear program
A slowing economy
Gas prices out of control
New Orleans left to die amidst human rights abuse

Now is the time to step up in the crisis and lead. Leave the photo ops to a time when there is more peace and prosperity in the land.

Bush has a folksy style and it works most of the time. However, in crisis, we expect more than a friendly face and slap on the back. We need a leader that is all business and that communicates that he or she is in control and focused on solutions. Speaking of Bush’s style in USA Today, Wayne Fields, director of American culture studies at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis, said casual moments help Bush relate to average Americans. "The problem is that in times of real crisis, people begin to think maybe you need somebody who is extraordinary."

Maybe we need extraordinary? No. Definitely.

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